Air Jordan 5 20210907

I was going to buy Oreo. I waited for five days for the first time and said that it was out of stock. Later, I saw that there was something in it and I took it again. But I didn’t have it. So I bought this pair. I bought the shoes for the first time. I bought them for the first time and the last two photos for the second time. There were no creases in the red for the first time. Maybe they were pressed during express delivery. The foot width should be larger. Bugs Bunny wears 37.5, and this pair of 38.5 is estimated to be 39. It’s been worn for a week and it’s OK. They look good on the shoes.

With my classmate Amway AJ, Amway beacon fire finally got his hand and bought it for him. Hahaha, he thinks it’s very good. By the way, Fenghuo’s old customers show their AJ. Is it more professional than his photography The shopkeeper thinks it’s ha ha ha

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